12 questions and answers for healthy hair

12 questions and answers for healthy hair

Proper care for men’s hair will have a positive effect not only on the appearance, but also on the psychological state of a person. After all, having an attractive head of hair is the dream of many. Ignoring some basic rules often leads to dandruff, dullness and other undesirable phenomena. You can put your curls in order if you do not make some mistakes.


1 How to choose Hair Care products ?

How often should be washing your hair, their owner determines independently. This is affected by the stiffness, density, and type of hair. If you are the owner of greasy curls, you will have to wash your hair almost every day. If you have dry hair, washing should be quite rare.


2 How to wash hair ?

Before you go to the bathroom, you need to carefully comb the strands. A properly calculated amount of shampoo, proportional to the density and length of the hair, is the key to a successful wash. The required amount, diluted with water, gently apply to the roots. Use your fingertips to massage your head. Proper hair care for men will help to increase blood circulation.


3 Can you wash hair with hot water?

Using too hot water for washing provokes the activation of the sebaceous glands. This in turn leads to the fact that the strands become dirty faster than usual. The most suitable temperature regime is slightly warm. It will have a positive effect on blood circulation, well clean the curls from dirt.


4 Should I use moisturizer for my hair?

Hair care for men includes additional hydration of the hair. Be sure to use special moisturizing and nourishing products. Regular care will make your strands manageable and silky.

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5 How should I use the towel?

Active wringing of strands with a towel, as well as twisting the turban on the head leads to injury to the hair follicles. To prevent this from happening, it is better to dry with wetting movements of cotton fabric.


6 Is it harmful to comb your hair when it is wet?

After washing, it is necessary to refrain from using a comb for some time. Short hair should be combed starting from the roots, and long hair should be combed from the tips.

7 How to use hair dryer

You can not dry your hair too wet, it is better to wait until it dries up a little naturally. Drying should be started with hot air, gradually reducing the temperature regime. To fix the styling at the end of drying, use cold air.


8 What is the importance of a balanced diet for hair health?

With an incorrect and meager diet, the body lacks vitamins and minerals. This is reflected in the appearance, and also affects the condition of the hair. Improper nutrition can even lead to their loss. To prevent this from happening, include foods rich in calcium and zinc in your daily diet.


9 Does wearing a hat damage hair?

Wearing hats at any time of the year is a reliable protection of hair from the negative effects of the environment (frost-in winter, sunlight-in summer). Do not forget about special hats when visiting the pool or bath.

10 How to clean comb

The guarantee of healthy hair is compliance with hygiene rules. Do not forget to wash the comb with warm soapy water. This should be done at least once a week.

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11 When to go to the hairdresser

Get rid of split ends will help a specialist during a visit to the hairdresser. You should visit this institution at least once every two months.

12 Is it harmful to dye hair?

Modern hair dyes contain harmless ingredients in their composition. However, a sharp change of image, repainting from a brunette to a blonde, can disrupt the structure of the curl. Cardinal changes in your appearance, trust only professionals.

Proper care for men’s hair will allow you to enjoy your reflection in the mirror and attract enthusiastic glances of the opposite sex.

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