7 ways to build a strong relationship with women

Men are no longer the same – they have forgotten how to win ladies. If he likes someone, the guy takes a pose and sprinkles it with standard cliches: “Hello beauty!”, “Why are you alone?”, “Let’s go to …”, “Everyone is bad, but I’m not like that.” Most women have heard these phrases more than once. But there is no sincerity and soul in them, but men get to know each other that way.
The problem is that we don’t even try. And it’s not about what we say, but what we do. Think about what will be discussed next, and then there will be no question how to conquer Aquarius woman or any other zodiac sign.


Do not focus on perseverance and frenzied energy, you will not get far on this. At least tell her a thousand times how beautiful she is and call her around the clock – you won’t attract her attention anyway. Take it easy. But to pretend to be an unapproachable groom who does not notice her point-blank is also not the best option. All these are signs of infantilism.

Leave the bombast – stay yourself. Don’t make her an object to conquer. She is a woman, so treat her appropriately, try to win her respect. Try to understand her. After all, she is a person like you, she has her own thoughts, plans, dreams. Be interested in her ordinary life.
Don’t ignore her messages, answer her calls. If you do something, then do it from the heart. If you like it, then you will be able to appreciate all of it. So she will learn to trust you, begin to respect you.

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Self-confidence and confidence are not synonymous. Your words and actions should exude confidence, not superficial pathos. This is something that does not need to be talked about, because a woman is able to see it in her eyes, in movement, hear it in intonation.
Don’t get hung up that you might lose her. Enjoy the way you treat her. Deprive her of any reason to look for someone else. Jealousy and insecurity will only push her to this step.


With age, our life acquires structure. We plan our day, we stop having time to do everything. Drop this schedule, allow yourself to be spontaneous.
Don’t plan a meeting a week in advance – call her to meet the dawn right now, walk all night under the stars, arrange a small picnic just at lunchtime. The world is amazing — you can see it if you put aside your diary with a schedule. Happiness does not sign up for a meeting with us, it comes to us spontaneously.


A girl is not your childhood friend, she needs to be treated differently. It is wrong to swear with a woman, and even more so to say offensive phrases to her.
Be gallant: open the door for her, pull up a chair, help her get dressed. Show that you need her not only in bed, she should see that she is important to you in all aspects.


Girls like not “boys from the district”, but erudite guys with a well-delivered speech. Intelligence is something that can win her heart.
Find out her interests and deepen your knowledge in this area. Joint hobbies will help build strong relationships. Why waste your life on empty conversations – fill them with meaning.

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Women prefer men who make them laugh


The saying “if you drive more quietly, you will go further” would be more appropriate here. Girls see their attractiveness in patience. This means that you are ready to wait for her.

Stay a man

A lot of modern men have neither goals nor passions. They are afraid of pain, so they don’t want to open up to anyone. They stand in front of the women of those who they really are not in order to take advantage and go further.
But this behavior is not typical of a real man – that’s what losers do. To get a woman, learn to appreciate her, respect her, say compliments, help her.

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