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Making love outside the bedroom is a real creative process, it’s worth trying a couple of times, as you get a taste, and ideas appropriate for the occasion will begin to appear in your head. Believe me, there will be no trace of boredom and routine of marital duty! If one of the couples who are used to making love in the bedroom lacks imagination, we will suggest a few “not boring” options.

sex in the hay

Classics of the genre – sex in the hayloft. Romance and absolute comfort – you are reliably protected from wind, rain and prying eyes. In case of a sudden invasion of uninvited guests, there is where to hide – in a heap of fragrant hay.

A haystack, which stands on seven winds, of course, loses to a hayloft, but it is also an option. One thing is bad – dry grass is prickly, delivering the greatest discomfort to a woman.

Sex in nature

In a clearing, on a lawn, it’s good to lie in an embrace on a summer, sunny day, inhaling spicy aromas and looking at the blue sky, almost like in paradise. The rustle of leaves and the chirping of birds relaxes, the warm wind pleasantly caresses the frazzled body.

There is only one small, but very annoying inconvenience – insects that constantly buzz over the ear, crawl over the body and strive to bite.

sex in nature

You don’t even have to think about sex in a mountain river or stream – the partner simply won’t get an erection from the low temperature of the water, but the sea or lake warmed by the sun is more conducive to a pleasant activity and promotes excitement.

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However, it should be remembered that water is the place where you can organize a foreplay, and continue the process on the shore in order to avoid infection in the genital area. But to have sex somewhere in the valley of geysers, in a mineral spring, where an almost hot jet of water spouting from the ground creates the effect of natural hydromassage – a real pleasure, especially thrilling sexual sensations!

With a cute paradise in a hut, an anthill under a sleeping bag, hordes of mosquitoes in the evening and cool dampness in the morning – not such a big nonsense. Try, perhaps, linen smelling of fire smoke, spruce needles in your hair, canvas walls of your shelter and a sea of ​​tenderness will become a new vivid impression for you, which you will remember all your life with great pleasure.

rooftop sex

Roof or balcony will add extreme to your sex

If you don’t want to break away from your familiar places, but you need to change the situation, you can use the roof of your own house. Do you have a fear of heights? But you did not climb there to admire the surroundings.

The roof is not the cleanest place, but bedding will help out. But recently, unfortunately, it has become more and more difficult to find an unlocked attic in order to enjoy the romance of the boundless sky and the presence of a loved one on the city roof.

Sex on the balcony is almost the same as on the roof, but less extreme and more comfortable. The ideal position is standing, partner behind. It is especially pleasant to “refresh” on a warm summer night, after an exhaustingly hot day.

Which option to prefer – the choice is yours, making love on the beach, in a tent, cave, of course, is not as convenient as in bed, but so romantic!

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