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If you are an “eternal boy”

You are quite an adult man, and you feel best in a toy store, where you remember being seven years old … There is such a type of men –

“forever boys” Is it good or bad? Is it worth it to grow up? Here’s what women think about it.

do men grow up


Karen Beadle, 33, makeup artist: “Men take longer to mature than women.

In fact, they always remain boys. But it doesn’t bother me. I live alone and love independence. I don’t understand women who are in a hurry to get married. I think that women are more worried when they are unlucky in love. They have to put up with all kinds of emotions if they have children.

A man, if he becomes a father early, does not feel it as strongly as a woman. My “boy”, Paul, is 46 years old, but his views on many things would be more suitable

20 year old. He constantly laughs, jokes – it’s really wonderful! But I don’t think he’s a real grown man. Men most likely mature after 40, most likely when their marriage breaks up or they lose their jobs. I think this is the first strong emotional jolt that they face head-on.”

men are like children


Teresa Gordon, 38, manager: “I don’t think men grow up.

My husband is a classic example of this. He loves children’s games and gets annoyed when our son, 9-year-old Kevin, does not play the way he should in games together. And the man at the computer games? He allows children to play for ten minutes, and then he sits in front of the monitor for hours.

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Can I afford such behavior? Of course not! The same with household chores. If John made the bed, he hurries to tell me about it – like a little boy who is asking for praise. I do not expect approval or gratitude when I clean, do laundry, cook dinner. I really do not want my son to be like his father in this sense. I think I succeed:

Kevin is still a child, but already very independent and independent.

men don't want to grow up


Mia Stephens, 20, secretary: “Most likely, men someday grow up, although I’m not completely sure about this. Maybe not only them? After all, each of us is a child at times. Men do not need to be independent, independent, responsible, because at first everything is done for them by their mothers, and then by their wives. Fortunately, my husband Andrew was brought up differently.

He knows how to do any housework and boasts that he can take better care of a child when he is alone with him. Now, while waiting for his son to grow up, he uses every opportunity to play with children’s toys. He just can’t wait for Lewis to get big enough for them to work on the electric railroad and model airplanes together. He spends a lot of time in the toy store – it’s really hard not to laugh watching older men play with toys for kids…

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