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How to avoid quarrels with your wife

It often happens that a husband and wife have been living together for many years and, suddenly, for no apparent reason, a daily, well, if not daily, drama begins to flare up. It consists in the fact that the wife begins to pay attention to the little things that previously did not matter to her.

Finds fault with various actions of her husband and constantly drills. For a long time, one could count the number of curses, quarrels, scandals on the fingers, and now this is happening more and more often.

wife is always arguing

Why does a wife allow herself to swear, paying attention to little things? What is the real reason this is happening? What measures can be taken to stop her acts towards her husband? Let’s figure it out.

Yesterday I witnessed a wonderful drama, but what is there, I would call this situation in a different, more capacious word, but I will not do it for objective reasons. The fact is that the whole day the wife with the child was absent from home, she was visiting her relatives and got drunk to an inadequate state.

Returning home, the first thing she began to throw at her husband, arguing that he pays little attention to her, uses and does not put anything in the house. The scandal lasted a couple of hours and then, under my strict guidance, was completed.

In the end, when I already went to my girlfriend, they reconciledand everything is fine now. Well, I found out today.

Is the situation familiar? Surely, you have been in a similar discussion more than once. So let’s answer the first question:

“What can influence your wife to make a scandal?”

The following can be the initiator of a quarrel:

  • Absence from home for a long time;
  • All your free time you are at the TV or computer;
  • For a long time you did not pay enough attention to your wife (walks, communication, surprises,);
  • Household chores are done by the wife, but you do not touch this business;
  • In addition to work, you spend time outside the home (relaxing with friends…).

All this can affect the mood of a woman, no matter how old she is, all wives need attention, a good attitude. If all or part of what I described above fits your situation, then try to avoid such moments or, after talking with your beloved, let her know that your absence at home is not a sign of going left, but ensuring your future life together. In a word, only work and fatigue can justify you.

After talking with my wife give her some attentionwhich she has been waiting for so long. Chat with her, she lacks conversations. Communication with friends on the phone – for her, the transfer of time, no more. Try to step over your pride and do something nice for her. I’m sure, having melted, she will calm down and stop throwing tantrums because of every little thing.

Do not argue with her or somehow anger her, this can aggravate the situation and harm you. Biting, fighting, too, will not lead to anything good. In general, it is useless to argue with a woman, this is a fact and there is no getting away from it, the only thing you can do is to calm her down and imperceptibly put yourself in an invulnerable position.

Believe me, if you calm her down and give her warmth, all your thoughts will turn into her thoughts and what she used to argue with you will evaporate. Here is the whole truth.
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Honestly, I don’t see the point in writing this article further. To the question: “My wife quarrels with me because of all sorts of little things. What to do?” I replied. This concludes my article. I wish you peace and good! See you in the next articles!

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