How To Choose A Men’s Watch

How To Choose A Men’s Watch

In fact, there is neither an ideal men’s watch, nor a universal method for choosing this most important accessory for men’s style. Someone wants to buy the first watch in their life, another is looking for a replacement for a boring model, a third is adding to the collection, a fourth selects a chronometer for specific purposes, and so on. Dozens and hundreds of factors influence the choice of watches for an individual. The purchase process can take a long time and even cause irritation.

Therefore, it is very important to approach the choice of men’s watches deliberately. To do this, ask yourself and give honest answers to such questions:
  • What is my social status?
  • What kind of lifestyle do I lead?
  • What style of clothing do I prefer?
  • What is the main purpose of the purchase?
  • How much money am I willing to allocate?

Get sincere answers and don’t try to jump over your head. A stylish man who leads an active lifestyle can not do without one watch. Over time, such questions will not arise. Follow the easy-to-understand guide of 5 basic parameters that will help you answer the question of how to choose a men’s watch and make a decision.

How To Choose The Rıght Men’s Watch: 5 Basıc Parameters


The inner content or “heart” of the watch is considered the basis for the correct approach to choosing this accessory. The energy source that drives the movement of the watch is the first thing to consider when buying. Mostly men prefer mechanical or quartz watches. We will not go into the wilds and describe each option in simple words.

Mechanical men’s watches. They work on the basis of a pendulum, which is set in motion by a spring, kettlebell or electric power source. They are considered the most expensive and luxury watches for men, with the most complex internal design. They are especially popular with watch lovers and collectors. In terms of running accuracy, they are inferior to quartz watches. The error can be up to 20-40 seconds per day, both in one direction and in the other. The greatest demand is for automatic mechanical watches.

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Advantages — no battery, detailed manual work and prestige.

Disadvantages — high cost, exposed to the environment, less accurate.

Quartz men’s watch. The operation of the internal mechanism is provided by a power source (battery) and a quartz crystal. They are the most accurate and do not require special maintenance. The accuracy margin of error is no more than 15 seconds per month. The battery must be replaced every 1-2 years. Less popular among fans of classic types of watches, at the same time they are widely used by men who lead an active lifestyle.

Advantages-precision, minimal maintenance, durability in extreme conditions, availability.

Disadvantages — minimal prestige and lack of long-standing traditions of watchmaking.

Draw your own conclusions. If we are talking about status – definitely mechanics, when the budget is limited and practicality is needed — quartz.


Along with the internal mechanism, the quality of the material from which men’s watches are made is equally important. This affects not only the appearance, cost and durability of the accessory, but sometimes the health status of the owner. The most primitive housing is made of plastic. Accordingly, these are the cheapest watches, mainly from Chinese manufacturers. Very often, mixtures of metals are used , for example, aluminum and zinc (alloa). Such watches are also not particularly strong.

A more reliable and expensive case is made of metal. Steel, brass, and titanium are commonly used. Most companies prefer watches made of steel, which are considered the most popular and widely represented on the market. Of course, the most luxurious and expensive men’s watches are made of precious metals-silver, gold and platinum. This is the highest class from well-known world brands, a sign of quality and prestige. Please note that the best glass for men’s watches is sapphire crystal.

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Perhaps the most difficult stage when buying a men’s watch is choosing a style. Today, well-known companies that produce men’s watches have a wide range of models of different shapes, colors, technical characteristics, and dials. Accessories are made for specific purposes and lifestyles. High technologies allow you to install many additional functions — cameras, emergency indicators, repeaters, lunar calendars, stopwatches, tachometers, and so on.

Various” bells and whistles ” in modern men’s watches are a broad topic and require a separate article. For everyday needs, choose a classic-style watch with a minimal set of different functions. For example, the famous Montblanc brand. Proceed from your personal taste and basic wardrobe, individual image and combination of colors in clothing. In fact, it is impossible to choose a watch for all occasions. True connoisseurs sooner or later need to buy additional hours — for business meetings, sports, driving a car, traveling, and so on.


After analyzing the technical characteristics and choosing the type of watch, it’s time to decide on the price range. The price of a men’s watch depends on many factors — brand, material, style, functionality, and various fashion trends. Of course, brands of popular Swiss watches, such as Rolex or Blancpain, are very expensive. No one denies the quality of such brands, but in many ways the price here is formed, including fame and prestige. Don’t buy luxury watches if your financial resources and social status don’t allow it.

How to choose a good men’s watch of optimal cost? First of all, there is no need to go to extremes. Wearing an expensive watch at a price equivalent to your annual salary is not the best option. As well as a cheap fake for a couple of tens of dollars does not bode well for the reputation. Soberly evaluate your budget and find a middle ground. After all, there is such a thing as discounts. Here are examples of brands of high-quality men’s watches at affordable prices-Orient, Citizen, Hamilton, Oris. For the average middle-class man, a $ 500-1000 watch is a great choice.

Brand Name

Based on your finances and the purpose of the purchase, carefully study the popular brands of men’s watches. Today, there are a huge number of companies operating in the world, especially Swiss ones, which for many decades have held leading positions in the market, are famous for their long history and traditions, which guarantees quality and reliability. From the classics, we recommend paying attention to Patek Philippe, IWC Schaffhausen,Vacheron Constantin. More affordable options are Bulova and Seiko.

Some brands offer a wider range of products that are suitable for a particular style of clothing or situation, for example, for sports. Usually, lovers of an active lifestyle buy chronographs from popular brands-TAG Heuer, Omega and Casio. What men’s watches to choose can be suggested by friends and family, also read reviews on forums and specialized sites on the Internet. Select a few of the most suitable manufacturers and make a choice.

Only time belongs to us. Seneca

Remember that a good men’s watch is not only a time meter and a fashion accessory, along with perfume, which perfectly complements the individual image and makes an impression on others, but also a kind of gift to yourself and your loved one, which should please and bring pleasure. Do not go along with public opinion, take into account the tips described above, find out the opinion of your loved ones and choose a watch yourself.

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