How to stop drinking too much beer

In order to quit drinking beer, you need a fairly strong motivation.

Of course, many people know that beer negatively affects the health of the body, but for them it means nothing. So let’s figure out why drinking beer is harmful, and at the same time raise ourselves motivation.

You probably often heard in advertisements that beer is a masculine drink and has a masculine character. Considering that the god of beermaking is gambrinus, i.e. man … However, this is a delusion.

Beer has a feminine character, primarily due to the fact that it contains hops, which contain phytoestrogen, a female hormone. That’s why after prolonged use of beer, such changes occur in the male body as the appearance of a “beer belly”, and then … a mirror disease, men know what it is;).

how to drink less beer

But these are just flowers.

In the body of a man, the hormone testosterone is responsible for his “male self”. However, those who like to drink beer artificially introduce large amounts of the female hormone phytoestrogen into their bodies, which has a rather negative effect on the body of a man. Phytoestrogen increases and testosterone decreases, leading to the power of the female hormone in the body. A man begins to look more and more like a woman, begins to gain weight in a feminine style – first fat is deposited on the stomach, and then on the hips.

But the worst thing that phytoestrogen has its effect on is potency.

Beer in a man suppresses sexual desire, while in a woman it stimulates it, but only temporarily, frigidity and infertility can develop further.

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After drinking beer, many men have a desire to lie on the couch and this is not in vain. Here, too, beer is to blame, or rather the valeric acid contained in it.

In addition, the character begins to change, it becomes softer. The voice or its tonality rises, and those who drink a lot of beer can feel for themselves how the voice of a castrato actually sounds. Perhaps, if a person wants to become a woman, this will help him, but he will have to pay a big price – health. And even more so, the figure will be like that of a well-fed woman, and not a young slender girl.

There is such a thing as the “Bavarian heart”, which is also called the “bull heart”. A heart suffering from such a syndrome in a person drinking beer becomes lethargic, decrepit, increases in size, ceases to pump blood well. The consequence may be shortness of breath with the slightest physical exertion.

Beer contains a huge amount of toxic substances, such as salts of heavy metals, which negatively affects the endocrine system. Or cobalt, which is found most of all in the foam of beer, which can cause inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. But in women, in addition to getting infertility and frigidity, there is a high probability of getting breast cancer.

So what, you ask, needs to be done to get rid of the bad habit of drinking beer?

what to do to drink less beer

The main thing is to realize that there is a problem and it needs to be solved.

And the following tips can help you with this:

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• Keep a diary. Find enough information about beer alcoholism. Write down in a diary all the impressions that you have learned. Pour out all the emotions in the background of this problem, whether they are negative or positive, on paper.

• Whatever your mood, at first it will be difficult, because in addition to psychological, there are also chemical addictions. After all, hops and hemp are related herbs, which means that hops also contain narcotic substances that are addictive.

• Start do sport. In addition to physical loads, breathing exercises are perfect. Gym, morning jogging, swimming and fitness – this is what will help you.

• Eat right. The diet should be balanced, and the regimen should be strictly at certain hours.

• Sleeping mode. It will also be helpful. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, regardless of weekends.

• Immerse yourself in work. Labor helps.

• You can cut back on your drinking if you share the rest criteria. Let’s say in the bath if you are used to drinking beer, drink better tea and this is more correct, and then you can drink a maximum of two mugs to relax. Control yourself. Football with friends, drink a Coca-Cola, in a pinch of good wine. You can get sick without alcohol.

• Celebrate the holidays soberly. Of course, in this case, you may lose some of your friends, but this may be for the best, since your friends will seem like ordinary drinking buddies to you.

So we found out that there is nothing useful or good in beer. And then, one asks, why use it and waste your health on it?

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Give up beer – add bright colors to your life!

And be healthy and do not become gambrinusomaniacs!

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