Instructions for realizing your most cherished desires

Instructions for realizing your most cherished desires

Someone believes that there are no miracles in life, and someone is sure that LIFE IS A MIRACLE! The embodiment of desires. How to dream constructively.


1. The desire must be real.
2. Luck loves feelings.
3. Happiness is a clear goal.
4. Act on a plan
with deadlines and specific estimates.

Finding a man or woman with whom success will come is also a specific task!

Each of us has dreams and desires: someone wants to make a brilliant career, someone wants to meet a princess or marry a handsome millionaire, build a strong family; someone just wants to travel, and someone wants everything at once. But why do some people have all their wishes fulfilled, while others still have dreams?!

Think about it! After all, people treat their wishes differently, someone believes in their speedy fulfillment, and someone says that there are no miracles in life… BUT! FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS A MIRACLE – ALL THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE, or, in any case, for sure-most of them…. You need to be able to feel and understand it!

Most often, people are simply afraid of their desires, or doubt the reality of their fulfillment. These factors always distance a person from the dream.

If you have dreams and desires, you need to clearly understand why and why you need all this. Example: everyone wants to get rich; let’s say you want a million rubles. If you can clearly answer the question “Why do I need this? And where will I spend it?”, then having outlined a plan to realize this dream really, and if you can not give a clear answer to this question, then this is banal greed, which will not lead to anything good. Simply put: money is a means, not an end… Money itself is of no value, as are many things that many people” falsely dream ” about. Such false dreams include jewelry, fashionable clothing, and expensive accessories; after all, these and many other valuables are not useful items in the conventional sense. If the violin is not capable of chopping wood (the use of an axe is indisputable), but you can play the violin, which brings inspiration and positive emotions to you and others, and often-both money and fame. Many things and the desire to possess them are needed only to attract attention and admire us as unique and outstanding people. Why do we need applause and laurels of victory? In order to look better in the eyes of the opposite sex. Someone plays the violin for this, someone participates in races, and someone skillfully wields an axe on the territory of their strong farm to the delight of their wife… .

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Instructions for realizing your most cherished desires:

First, the desire must be real, i.e. it is not advisable to want a piece of the moon. It is necessary to understand well why you need it and what you will do when the wish is fulfilled.

Secondly, you need to make a wish at the moment of the greatest emotional uplift, for example, on a Birthday or New Year. Before you make a cherished wish, analyze what good things have happened to you recently, remember the cases when you really wanted something and then succeeded. In this way, you will set up your mind in a positive way. It is very important to try to see everything that is happening around you in a positive way!

Third, it is necessary to correctly formulate what you want. It is important not to use the word not, for example, it is not advisable to make a wish like this: “I don’t want there to be few orders at work”, it is better to build the wording like this: “I want a lot of customers to come”. It is important that in your formulation the desire depends not on others, but on you. It is necessary to prescribe your desires very narrowly.

“I want to meet my love”, it’s about nothing… Perhaps you will meet your love in the store and not even have time to understand that this is it. You need to add to this wording where you would like this to happen, what the person you might fall in love with should look like, and what qualities they should have. Yes, it is not easy to formulate your wishes correctly.
After your desire has taken shape, you need to imagine what you want, literally plunge into the situation in which you want to find yourself. Most importantly, you must be the central character of the desired set of circumstances! THE DESIRE MUST BE CLEAR AND MEASURABLE. Your dream must have a thought-form. You should form the outline of your desires as accurately as possible in your mind, describing in detail what you need in the future (including the time of that very future – its period). So, for example, the dream of success in business should contain a detailed description of commercial processes not only with the amount of profit, but also the level of expenses, the number of employees, the size of your office, the color of furniture and the silhouette of the wallpaper pattern in the meeting room. If this is an acquaintance with a beautiful half-then you should accurately represent the level of the relationship you want… to represent beauties and handsome men, in general-not enough….

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Fourth. Be sure to decide when your wish should be fulfilled. Do not set a time in a few minutes or in 10 years, perhaps after so many years, when it is completed, you will no longer need it.
Finally, I need to set out a clear plan for what I personally need to do to implement my plan. If you stay at home on the couch, the prince will not come to ask for your hand in marriage. You can not just dream, you need to go to your intended goal.
Do not make a wish if you do not fully believe in its fulfillment or doubt it. So it will be a hope, and it is not always realized. If you want to find your soulmate, style your hair, put on makeup, put on a dress and come to the wedding.A Quick Date Party, after completing all the above points. Believe and it is on this day that you have all the chances to meet the only one and for the rest of your life!


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