Masturbation Is it harmful or beneficial?

It is known that all people masturbate especially when they are young or alone. Do you know the psychological and physical harms of masturbation? In this article, we will tell you about 22 dangers of masturbation.

Masturbation is a bad habit practiced by many men all over the world. It spoils the lives of most young people more than any other problem they face.
Often guys advise their friends to masturbate, arguing that in the absence of a regular sex life, it is supposedly useful. There is even an opinion among young people that masturbation promotes sexual health and penis enlargement. In reality, this is not the case.
The development of the genitals occurs regardless of the presence of sexual activity and is regulated by the hormonal system. But some believe everything that others write and say, and do not want to give up a bad habit, and someone just can’t do it anymore.
In fact , the human body obeys and depends on three factors:
environmental (exogenous).

At the same time, people can control the emotional component to some extent. But to get rid of a bad habit, you need to have complete information. Below are the reasons why you should give up masturbation in favor of healthy full-fledged regular relationships.
Here are some proven statements that will answer the question of whether masturbation is harmful to men.

  1. Masturbation makes a man weaker and leads to depletion of protein, calcium and zinc in the body.
  2. Masturbation adds nervousness and creates neurological problems.
  3. Masturbation is harmful, as it is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction.
  4. If a man tries it once, he will get used to it very soon. It will be quite difficult to stop practicing masturbation.
  5. Masturbation leads to drowsiness; after ejaculation, you want to sleep, a person experiences severe fatigue.
  6. Masturbation is harmful because it causes stress and tension.
  7. It also affects a man psychologically, making him feel worse and causing depression after ejaculation.
  8. Masturbation is still considered something indecent, and it is not customary to spread about this activity in the male environment.

  9. Self-satisfaction is not such a simple matter. To do this, you need to see, touch, finally, at least think about something sexual, for example, as they often do, imagine female genitals. This is harmful, since it can be problematic to remove these images from memory. It also leads to obsessive thoughts, a man will not be able to communicate with the opposite sex without thinking about sex.You should definitely read our article titled  7 ways to build a strong relationship with women.
  10. Masturbation dominates all thoughts. A man becomes really dependent on his habit and is ready to indulge in it anywhere and at any time. And that’s really not normal.

    Masturbation leads to obsessive thoughts, a man will not be able to communicate with the opposite sex without thinking about sex.
  11. Masturbation leads to questionable and dangerous contacts, as the desire grows every day and, finally, leads to the search for any source for sexual satisfaction.
  12. Is masturbation harmful for men? It is the main cause of premature ejaculation during actual sexual intercourse. This leads to the dissatisfaction of both partners.
  13. Due to self-satisfaction, a man’s sperm count decreases. Those who want to have children, it is better to give up this bad habit.
  14. The seminal fluid that comes out after masturbation contains proteins necessary for many metabolic processes and cellular formations. Proteins are the building blocks of the body. Too frequent ejaculation can contribute to an increase in fat and loss of muscle mass.
  15. From an ethical point of view, masturbation is wrong and unnatural. To get real satisfaction, full contact with the opposite sex is necessary. The habit of “doing everything yourself” can eventually lead to big problems.

  16. Masturbation is a waste of time that can be spent with greater benefit.
  17. The pleasure of masturbation never lasts long. Each time it becomes more difficult to achieve it.
  18. Masturbation is harmful and creates many problems. Memory deteriorates, distraction and inattention appear.
  19. Masturbation gives only the appearance of satisfaction. In reality, a man will never be satisfied to the end, as it happens with a real relationship.
  20. It is not a necessary element of health. A short absence of sexual activity will not negatively affect the condition of a man.
  21. Those who masturbate for a long time eventually lose interest in having sex with a living person.
  22. Masturbation often leads to homosexual relationships in schools, colleges and dormitories. And also indirectly causes infection with sexually transmitted infections, including syphilis, AIDS, etc.
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