Men’s business – replacing brake pads

Every man should be able to understand the car and, if necessary, fix it. However, modern cars are so complex that the repair of certain components requires deep knowledge and skills. The slightest mistake in this matter can be very costly. An example of this is the braking system. Let’s see if it is possible to change a component such as brake pads on our own, or is it better to turn to professionals.

Brake pads are the most worn component of a car. In order not to get into an accident, check their condition regularly. Worn-out consumables change – the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users depends on them. The frequency of replacement depends on the vehicle, style, driving frequency, road surface quality and other factors. The average life of the pads is 10-15 thousand kilometers.

And then the pads need to be changed.

When to change pads?

Three signs that it’s time for a replacement:

  • The braking distance increases; the car behaves unpredictably during braking.

  • Increases brake pedal travel.

  • Harsh creaking and other noises during braking.

If at least one of the signs occurs, the consumable must be replaced. Auto mechanics advise changing the entire kit at once. They also recommend checking the condition of the brake discs and sensors along the way.

How to change pads?

You can replace the pads on a Toyota or another car yourself. To do this, you will need a lift for hanging the car, a set of wrenches and pullers. Before replacing, read the instructions for disassembling the brake system. Be mindful of the details as you go. Control the torque when tightening the bolts, otherwise the threads will be damaged. To do this, it is better to use a wrench with a dynamometer.

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Removed brake elements are checked for abrasion thickness, geometry and wear uniformity. According to these signs, the need to repair Focus pads or another car is assessed. The auto mechanic will replace the entire kit in 30 minutes. It will take a car enthusiast from several hours to a whole day. Many believe that it is more cost-effective to entrust the work to a service center.

But you can replace the pads yourself.

Where to change pads?

In Moscow, there are no problems with servicing car brake systems. In the Aurora service center, brake system components are quickly, inexpensively and at a convenient time changed. The car owner does not need to delve into the types of consumables. Pads, discs, brake fluid can be ordered directly on the spot after consultation with an auto mechanic.

The service center uses consumables from trusted manufacturers. Materials and labor are guaranteed. During service, the client can comfortably spend time in the waiting area. By changing the brake pads in time, you do not put yourself and others at risk, your ride will be comfortable and predictable.

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