Miracles Of Facefitness, Or How To Save Your Face From Old Age With Your Own Hands

Miracles Of Facefitness, Or How To Save Your Face From Old Age With Your Own Hands

Age-related changes are inevitable and irrevocable? Don’t believe this belief. With facefitness, you can not only control the situation, but also correct it.


The word “facefitness” comes from the English language: face-face, fitness-gymnastics. The literal translation very accurately conveys the essence of the concept: gymnastics for the face. You can find alternative names in various sources: facebuilding, face yoga, face shaping, face aerobics, and even facplasty (although this word has more than one meaning). But the meaning of the procedure does not change from this: facefitness is a set of exercises for the face, which is aimed at relaxing and stretching those muscles that are in hypertonia and straining those that are usually practically not involved in facial expressions.


The main problems that facefitness can help you solve::

  • second chin
  • in-depth “rings of Venus”
  • inter-brow creases
  • bags under the eyes
  • nasolabial folds
  • puppet wrinkles at the corners of the lips
  • sagging cheeks
  • bryli


The muscles of the face, like any other muscles of the human body, need training. And without them, they weaken, sag and cease to perform their function as a framework for the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Facebooking works as well as plastic surgery. At the same time, you save money and avoid stress, which is inevitably associated with any operation.

  • gymnastics for the face does not cause pain
  • doesn’t have a rehabilitation period


Facefitness doesn’t have an age limit, so it’s never too late to do it. But you should think about it from the age of 25.

The frequency of classes may vary depending on the tasks and skin characteristics (the number of classes per week is indicated).:

  • To prevent the appearance of wrinkles and maintain tone, 2-3 times is enough
  • As a corrective measure, to correct existing problems-from 3 to 5 times
  • People over 45 years of age – from 5 to 7 times

To speed up the result, you can combine classes with self-massage or visit the salon.


The muscular structure of the face differs from that of the body.

Due to its structure, the facial muscles are more mobile, but also more tense. Over time, the muscle structure loses its elasticity and lengthens.

Where the fibers are loosely attached to the skin surface, fat hernias gradually form due to the pulling of the ligaments, and where the ligaments retain the ability to hold the facial muscles, wrinkles appear.

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The incessant muscle activity of the face provokes spasms. Spasmodic muscles change the relief and structure of the skin.

Posture is also very important. Slouching provokes the formation of a second chin, causes facial asymmetry. Therefore, facefitness often includes exercises to improve your posture.

When compiling a complex of facefitness, exercises are also selected taking into account the morphotype of aging. There are four of them:

  • Fine-wrinkled, when the face is covered with fine lines while maintaining the contour
  • Deformed, with pronounced signs of gravitational ptosis and” blurring ” of the face
  • Muscular, which causes tissue shrinkage
  • Tired — characterized by a tired facial expression and sluggish skin, usually marks the initial stage of aging
With regular special training, the facial muscles are tightened and the facial muscles are toned. This allows you to achieve significant changes in appearance without surgical intervention!


The most mimically “loaded” zones:

  • Forehead
  • Okologubnaya area
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Eyes

Other muscles remain unclaimed. They weaken. The so-called gravitational ptosis is formed — sagging of the skin and soft tissues of the face under the influence of gravity.

The results of gravity ptosis include:

  • Lowering of the eyebrows
  • Overhang of the upper eyelid
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Pronounced nasolacrimal and nasolabial furrows
  • Reduced volume in the middle third of the face
  • Deepening and lengthening of nasolabial folds
  • Appearance of labial-chin folds
  • The appearance of brylae and the second chin
  • Formation of the ” rings of Venus — – transverse folds on the neck

Facefitness is aimed at strengthening weakened muscles and relaxing spasmodic ones. As a result, the condition of the skin, its elasticity and moisture content will improve, wrinkles will be smoothed out, puffiness will go away, and the contour of the face will become clearer.


I don’t recommend that you start working on your face yourself. It is best to find a mentor who will be able to advise you on the first steps and check the correctness of the exercises. If your circumstances don’t allow you to do this yet, take advantage of the online facefitness lessons.

You need to do gymnastics in front of a mirror, at least for the first time. So you can follow the exact instructions of the trainer until the muscles get used to the new type of load. Immediately give a full-fledged complex is not worth it. The load should be increased gradually.

Start the exercises with 5 repetitions, gradually increasing the number of repetitions. And at first, you can train every other day.

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Before you start gymnastics:

  • Completely remove your hair from your face and neck, for example, by putting it in a ponytail
  • Remove your makeup
  • Wash your hands and rub them with massage oil so that your fingers move easily over your face and don’t pull the skin

Attention! Be sure to check the condition of your nails to avoid injuring the skin during the workout.

Before training, warm up and massage your face and neck to increase blood circulation and increase the effect of the workout. Then take a deep breath in and out to saturate your skin with oxygen. Repeat the inhale, drawing in your stomach as much as possible. Then exhale sharply while leaning forward. During the tilt, the muscles of the face and diaphragm should be relaxed, and the cheeks should feel warm due to the rush of blood.

Before starting, I usually recommend doing the “Flying” posture exercise. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Take your hands back, bring your shoulder blades together and lower them down. Pull in your tailbone and stand on your toes. You need to gather as much as possible, pull in all the protruding parts: the stomach, knees, buttocks. Keep your chin parallel to the floor, and the top of your head should stretch toward the sky. Relax your face. Count to 30.

The rest of the exercises should be performed sitting with a straight back on the edge of a chair or sofa.


Below I will give a few exercises that are included in the complex of face yoga, regardless of the morphotype.


Face building should start with the neck. This will remove the clamps and allow the blood to circulate more freely.

Attention! Try not to allow deflections in the lower back.

Exercise 1

Sit up straight. Slowly turn your head alternately to the left and right. Keep your chin parallel to the floor. Head away to the limit point, as far as possible. Don’t strain your face. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 2

Stretch the back of the neck. Lower your head down, to relieve tension, shake it slightly with springy movements up and down. Wrap your locked hands around your head just above the back of your head. Relax your arms so that their weight presses down, without additional effort. Breathe freely. Count to 10.

Exercise 3

Put your hands down. Imagine that the coccyx stretches to the floor, and the crown-to the ceiling. Your body should not bend forward or backward. The position is maintained exactly perpendicular to the floor surface. Count to 10.

Types of face fitness exercises: Exercise 3


Exercise 1

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Put your hand on your arm, squeeze it lightly. Support your chin with them. The mouth is closed, the tongue is raised to the upper palate. Alternately relax and tighten your hands with pressure on the chin when it resists. Repeat 10 times. Lightly tap the area under your chin with your fingers.

Exercises to strengthen the oval face line: Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Open your mouth and use the knuckles of your bent fingers to massage down the area from the cheekbones to the base of the hard surface.

Exercises to strengthen the oval face line: Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Fix your chin on both sides with your thumb and forefinger. The index finger is on top. Use your index fingers to gently push down along the center of your chin.

Exercises to strengthen the oval face line: Exercise 3


Exercise 1

From the corners of your mouth, move the inside of your open palms up and to the sides, as if drawing a smile. You can repeat it 20 to 30 times.

Exercises to maintain lip volume: Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Hold the cap of a pencil or lipstick between your lips. Hold for 30 seconds, tapping the places of muscle tension (along the line of nasolabial folds) with massage movements.

Exercises to maintain lip volume: Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Pinch the area above and below your lips with your thumb and forefinger, pull your lips forward in sequence and relax. 10 repetitions.

Exercises to maintain lip volume: Exercise 3


Before this series of exercises, rub your hands together and place your open palms with the inner surface of your face perpendicular to the floor, as is often depicted in crying. You should feel the warmth.

Exercise 1

The bases of the palms are placed in the temporal zone of the temples. We pull our hands slightly up towards each other. Close your eyelids tightly without squinting. 20 reps.

Eye Exercises: Exercise 1


Form a kind of glasses with your hands, bend your thumb and index finger with the letter “C” and place them along the circular eye muscle. It is advisable to press tightly, leaving no gaps. Look slightly over the horizon. Alternately open your eyes wide and squint, as if you are looking at some object in the distance through binoculars. The lower eyelid should rise. Repeat 5-7 times.

Eye Exercises: Exercise 2


Place your two hands, palms down, on your forehead above your eyebrows, with your fingers facing each other. Relax your little fingers. With the palms of your hands, push the skin slightly down and to the sides to feel a slight tension. Raise your eyebrows up and press down with your hands. Repeat 10 times. Then hold the raised eyebrows with the counter resistance of the palms in static, count to 10.

Forehead Smoothing exercise

At the end of the face fitness exercises, you can do a light facial massage.

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