Moment in a relationship

Hurray! You’ve already met!!! How not to scare off your luck? How not to be disappointed in the acquaintance? How can a girl not push a man away? What to do and don’t do on the first three dates. What to allow a man, and what not? How should a woman position herself in the first period of courtship? What should you be afraid of when meeting a man?


And now, “X-day” is approaching.
Your first date with the guy you rated as: “cute, interesting, funny, brave, resourceful.” You can choose epithets according to your taste, but the main thing is that this is the person with whom you would like to spend not one or two dates, but all your free time from school or work. We will assume that you met him just the other day and this is some old friend of yours, about whom you know everything and he no longer expects surprises from you. no! This is a complete stranger to you and for what reasonthe scenario of how your relationship will develop is not clear to anyone. You’re all on edge. And this is understandable. It is difficult to predict the reaction to your jokes, to your behavior from a person whom you will see for the second time in your life. So here are some tips on “how to keep your face straight” on the first date and how to behave on subsequent dates if you decide that a man is right for you.

Let’s start in order.

Start by calming your nervous system. Inhale and exhale. It’s okay! Just think about the first date, just think about the guy of your dreams. If you want a guy to want to meet you at least once more-behave naturally and naturally. Be confident in yourself and set yourself up to go have fun and unwind.

REMARK: to beCONFIDENT IN YOURSELF – this does not mean that you will always answer the phone in a chilling voice emphasizing your own independence, and you will certainly come to the meeting with a stone face, posing as a snow queen.

AND TO BE AT EASE is when it is not at all necessary to giggle about and for no reason, to shoot meaningful glances at other men around you.

Let’s emphasize it again:
Beauty is a sense of proportion!

Don’t expect too much from a first date. As a rule, high expectations lead to huge disappointments. You go to meet a person, not to the registry office. So let go of your thoughts and be light.

If you smoke!
Don’t smoke on the first date. More precisely, it is strongly discouraged to smoke even if a man is a smoker, lights up in front of you and offers a cigarette. To his direct question: “Do you smoke?” The best answer: “Yes, sometimes I smoke, but now I don’t feel like it.”
You should also avoid chewing gum on first dates.

Of course, you need to consider where your first date will take place. If it’s not a surprise for you where you’re going, dress up for the occasion. Roller skating in a mini skirt is probably too much. Clothes should be comfortable for you and chosen with taste. Even if it’s just jeans with a blouse. It is desirable that the image contains a heel, at least a small one. It may also be that you are an opponent, for various reasons, of heels. Moccasins, flat-heeled sandals, beautiful flat-soled boots, etc.have been designed for you. What you will be wearing should not distract you by adjusting the straps, returning your chic bust back to the huge neckline of the dress or blouse, as well as constantly pulling the hem of the dress, which is lifted up due to static electricity. You should think about this in advance and test your image, at least defiling a couple of dozen minutes around the apartment. If something is confusing, it’s better to come up with a replacement before it’s too late.

  The First Date

Here is what you can not come on a date in: sneakers, sneakers, a very, very short very-mini skirt, an evening fancy (even very elegant) outfit in the form of a long evening dress with cutouts on the back, along the hip or neckline. Simply put, it is necessary to avoid extremes, but at the same time, something in the image should be additional to the everyday one. A similar addition can serve as an elegant lady’s purse, fashionable perfume, interesting stockings, tights, scarf. The main thing is that the finished image looks easy and pleasant to the eye.

If you’re making a surprise first date with a special dress code, make sure to warn her about it so she doesn’t look silly. You can just ask her to wear something comfortable, such as jeans, and say that it will be a surprise for her, where your date will take place, because if a girl is dressed in a light dress, and she is dragged to a date on the roofs, it is unlikely that she will cause a lot of positive emotions, then she will be very cold. However, if a manan extreme romantic who believes that a romantic walk on the roofs of St. Petersburg will find a bright response from a romantic companion who came in a short skirt, it is logical if he takes care of taking a blanket with him. After all, at the moment when it becomes cold, the girl will be able to appreciate the practicality, foresight and care for her. Only this one paragraph is dedicated to men, but women who read it will also be able to draw the right conclusions.

The image will not be finished or will not cause a proper response in the heart of a man if you smell unpleasant. It’s not necessarily sweat or cigarette smoke. An improperly chosen perfume can play a negative role in trying to make a good impression on a man. Choose a fresh and cool fragrance in summer, and a warm, deep and sensual fragrance in winter. Don’t you dare pour half a bottle of your favorite perfume on yourself. There are only a few points on which it is worth dropping a couple of drops and the trail of your favorite fragrance will follow you all day. This is behind the earlobes, the cleavage between the breasts, wrists and elbow bends. Do not rub perfume on the skin, this fragrance “breaks”.

Swing cocktail of passion. Swinger parties and Speed Dates are dating parties, but they’re not the same thing.
Try to touch the man with light touches. Take him by the arm when you walk, touch his shoulder or arm on occasion. Tactility is a sign that you trust this person and are open to communication and relationships.

  Tips for a first date

What can happen – if you kiss on the first date?!
Even if a man is respectable and ready to make a generous order in an expensive restaurant you should not use this opportunity at the moment, as a modest request for a cup of coffee, a glass of juice or a cocktail will be perceived more positively than an in-depth demonstration of knowledge of the delights and diversity of cuisine. by the way, with such modest behavior, you have an ironclad guarantee that the order will be paid by a man.

Sitting with an arrogant or official (emphatically independent) person on a date is not an option. This will scare away even the most unafraid)). Relax and smile. The smile should be sincere. It shows your good mood, interest and liking it for a man, and also sets you up for pleasant communication. Mimicry shows empathy for the man, when he tells some touching story. Make eye contact more often, ask questions, and don’t forget to express your opinion on what you think about this or that issue, but you shouldn’t get involved in long and heated arguments on the first date. Also, do not be too talkative, as this can be tiring and the man will get very tired of you. Try to have a dialogue. Tell a fun and entertaining story, then give the opportunity to share a similar story from the life of your interlocutor.

It is not surprising that on the first, second date you can hesitate and leave the cafe can forget in the vase provided by the waiter bouquet of flowers. Such forgetfulness is an annoying and unpleasant moment in the course of your acquaintance. To take care that a bouquet of flowers does not freeze or wither is a good and elegant occasion to demonstrate your good attitude to a man.

If you realize after a couple of hours spent with a man that he is not the one you need. Tell me about it right away. Or if you find it difficult to refuse a man to continue the relationship, you can do it by phone call or by sending an SMS. Let the first date be your last.

What to allow a man on the first, second and third date?

The meeting comes to an end and the man offers to go to visit him. The reasons can be different from “drink tea, listen to music” to “see a collection of exotic butterflies”. We are not idiots, and we understand the main motive perfectly well. Here, think with your head thoroughly. If you are not ready for such a rapid development of relations, then you should not rush into the pool. It is better to postpone this visit to the next period of the relationship, but in no case do not say that we are only seeing each other for the first or second time and that you are not ready for such a rapid development of events. After all, you can always find a simple and easy reason that will relieve unnecessary tension and unnecessary worries about the reasons for refusing to go to visit; these may be such circumstances: I definitely need to feed the cat/dog, I didn’t warn my family that I won’t be here tonight, and we agreed that today we will glue wallpaper together, make dumplings, and prepare for the children’s matinee… Of course, if you have a black belt in karate and you can easily knock it out in case of unnecessary harassment on its territory,then you can go. Butterflies are still interesting to see))). But in other cases, it is better not to take risks, especially as mentioned earlier, if you see this person for the second time in your life.

  Instructions for realizing your most cherished desires

Whether to kiss on the first date, of course, is up to you. But I don’t think you should hurry either. The most a man can expect is to kiss him on the cheek and thank him for a wonderful evening. If the evening was truly amazing and you are ready to reward him with a passionate kiss, then choose the right romantic moment, in this case he will never forget it! When it comes to sex on a first date, it’s up to you, of course. But the best option is to postpone it until at least the second or third date, or even further. It all depends on your personal preferences. On the second date (if it still took place), you can behave more fastidiously, that is, allow hugs and light kisses. These touches are also quite intimate. Should I study them first? Well, then look and decide for yourself. During these few dates, you can already roughly assess a man: how brave, cheerful and resourceful he is in different situations, whether it is interesting to be with him or whether it is a mortal melancholy, how much he cares that you are comfortable with him.

If you like a man and you already know it, but the girl’s pride does not allow you to say it explicitly. Do not use artificial, contrived reasons for establishing relationships, one of which may be contrived employment. Allegedly, you are so popular in society, while you are a passionate and multi-faceted person with a harmonious spiritual organization and a variety of your interests, when Monday, Wednesday, Friday you have fitness, Tuesday, Thursday-English, on Saturday you meet with your parents… and so on. If the man is active enough, you can simply accept his offers. And if, for some reason, this activity is not so intense, take the initiative. Ask him what his schedule is and how he plans his time. In other words, one of two things is either you will send him away with your pseudo-employment or you will cause the necessary reaction with mutual interests.

Men aren’t assholes! If you treat them as human beings, then the rules of the universe will work, which can be expressed as follows:: If you want to receive emails-write emails, you need incoming calls-call them to call you, if you offend people – they will offend you, if you want to be loved – FALL IN LOVE!

Trust me:
More troubles not so much from the fact that I fell head over heels in love with the wrong person,
but more from the fact that I didn’t fall in love with anyone, but I should!

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