Professional Betting Tactics Part 1

Sports Betting Strategies part 1

Betting people always want to win more with counter matches and need new betting tactics for this. Everyone can create a different tactic after gaining a certain experience. Some of these tactics may be successful, while others may fail. Where to buy professional betting tactics? What are professional betting tactics good for? We have compiled for you…


Value Betting Strategy

Take a good source that also tells you the percentage probability distribution based on statistics. This is often not just a good link here: (from England and English, but still very useful)
The alternatives are and

Then you take the current odds of your favorite bookies (this is usually the one on whose betting account you have most of your euros).

Now the statistical percentages are compared with the current rate. You simply convert a quota in percentages or the other way around by dividing 1 / quota or 1 / percent.

Example: Hannover Kaiserslautern 66 20 14 win rate at e.g. Bet365 is 1.83 for Hannover 1: 1.83 = 0.546 -> makes approx. 55% makes a difference of 66% – 55% = 11%

This 11% is used according to the Kelly strategy. Kelly’s stake is: budget (e.g. 500 €) multiplied by 1 / 10th of the estimate (here 11% i.e. 0.11) divided by the odds minus 1 (here 1.83 – 1 = 0.83)

In our game, 55 divided by 0.83 = € 66.26 stake

The Kelly strategy has the advantage that the stakes are calculated according to the probability and the currently available betting balance.

Single Bets Tactics

Here I present the strategy “professional betting individual bets”, which takes a lot of work and training to play it successfully, but can be very profitable if you master it well.

Profit expectation of the strategy “professional betting with single bets”
If you have a good eye, you can always work your way up until assignments are conceivable that are difficult to imagine in advance. Only real professionals manage to increase the bankroll very much. As always, you need a keen instinct. You only get that with a lot of hard work and a certain amount of talent.
I bet on football games, because when it comes to football betting, the strategy is to be used optimally because of the many events. The system works as follows:

1.) You always look for seven identical, very low odds from the game board (example: seven different games, all with odds 1.50).

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Note: Even with the same high odds, the probability of occurrence does not always have to be on the same level. Otherwise, all bets would end up being equally good or bad. This will be confirmed in the following analysis.

2.) You analyze each game individually. Including the last games of the home and visiting teams. The following four questions form the basis:

  1. a) Does the favorite play well / consistently, or sometimes well, sometimes badly?
    b) Analyze the opposing team in the same way!
    c) take notes! Plus sign if the favorite is clearly better and minus sign if the teams differ less clearly in terms of performance.
    d) The encounters marked with a minus sign are crossed out and the others compared more precisely.
Main criteria of game selection
How far apart are the teams facing each other in the table?
Will the game take place when it rains? This question is important, as games on poor terrain are more unpredictable / technical advantages cannot be played out.
Are important players injured? If the opposing team has injured important players, this should also be seen as an advantage.
Does the team often switch players from game to game? If you can also clarify this point, then you can draw further conclusions -> strong bank?
Team psychology: Are there any uncertainties about a possible change of coach? Does the team have a functioning team or is it a quarrel?
Is the team under pressure to perform? How high is the motivation?

All of those factors are important. Thanks to social media, websites, and more, virtually every game should have all the information to be found these days. The information obtained must then be analyzed. The most promising favorite is selected from seven selected matches using the methods.

Obviously, the selection can take a lot of effort (and of course time). In the end, the hottest match was selected, regardless of the fact that all games have similar odds! I bet my daily stake on this game as a single bet – not my full capital.

Use / capital management
After a big loss: It is important that the stake is not made gradually lower and lower, but rather kept constant so that the later winnings can trump the losses again.

If there is no more playing capital available, savings must be made until the previous stake capital is available again. An absolute no-go are increased stakes after losing phases. All in all, it is better to play less than with lower stakes.

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Total capital required
It is ideal if at least 15-20 daily stakes are available as capital so that the total capital cannot be gambled away in the shortest possible time and smaller downswings can be overcome every now and then despite the relatively small average quota chosen.

From beginner to professional: Beginners should definitely start with low capital and work their way up gradually, as a certain experience has to be formed first.

There is no such thing as a surefire game, so never bet everything on one encounter!

Bet On A Draw

The idea of ​​betting on a football tie is not new. The fact that, in the best case scenario, a pretty reward follows on the foot, because the corresponding odds are always high, should also have got around. But here is the way to the constant cashing in such sums, even for the inexperienced: Pick any team from anywhere, no matter which one.

Bet on a draw for this team’s next match. Do not spend too much, a small investment will do just fine. If the game ends in a tie, your bet amount will be tripled on average. If it doesn’t work, then make a careful note of this incident. At the next game of the same (!) Team you make a bet on a tie again, with at least the same stake. If you are successful this time, you will get a third more than you have bet so far, from 2 to 3. If it does not work, then repeat the process the next time this team plays. If you have the desired result on the third attempt, you will still get your money back thanks to the high quota. But if you don’t make it this time either, increase the stake for the fourth attempt. Keep doing this until there is a tie. In the end, you remain the winner.

I myself have many teams in the race. I carefully write down who owes me a draw for which mission. To this day, no one has let me slip my fingers; all teams play a draw at some point, much more often than you might think.

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This strategy can still be refined, with a little sports knowledge about what’s going on anyway: top teams play more often draws away than in home games, these appearances are what I focus on with them, which improves my balance sheet quite a bit. I also generally prefer derbies. I wait until they have a home game for worse teams, which mostly lose abroad. It is also advisable to concentrate on leagues in which (the vulture knows why) often draws are played; French football is particularly notorious for this.

Draw System Bets

I first made bets on machines in shops, then from home on the Internet.

Wherever I was out, I watched people gamble, discussed an infinite number of strategies with friends and then tried them out. It struck me that everyone had a favorite tip, which ended in a tie, and that the bill went wrong.

So why not just bet on a draw? Said and done.

But of course as a system e.g. 6 of 8 … That was just over. So less, i.e. 4 out of 8 and that with selected draw candidates.

Of course, you have to keep the single ticket price relatively high. Perhaps, as an example, the stake with € 35, which then makes € 0.50 per ticket for 70 individual bets.

with a stake of € 35 and 4 out of 8 with x = 3.20 (3.20 as average odds for everyone) that’s the stake out with 4 correct numbers (small profit)
if you match 5 numbers, you will win around € 230
If you match 6 numbers, you will win around € 750
If you match 7 numbers, you will win around € 1,800
with 8 out of 8 around € 3,600
[8 correct ones are very unlikely :-)]
Now some will think that this is extremely difficult to hit, but believe me those who play this, with a little sensitivity, of course, live quite well with this system.
e.g. last game day:
Regionalliga Nord 17. Matchday 4 were drawn
1. Bundesliga 13. Matchday 3 were drawn
2. Bundesliga 13th matchday were 4 draws
and there are game days that look even better 🙂

Of these, at least 5 games were reasonably predictable. As has already been written so often, pay attention to derbies, strong teams with double burdens from trophies or the like. And use everything to help you that gives information about the teams.

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