Rules for perfect sex: tips for men

Rules for perfect sex: tips for men

For some reason
, it is considered that it is not a man’s business to worry about intimate life and doubt yourself. But we all know that men also have such problems, and sometimes it is more difficult to get rid of them than it is for women to get rid of their own.

1. Measuring pleasure by orgasm is wrong

Let’s remind you that there are a lot of ways to satisfy each other, and it’s just boring to limit yourself to regular penetrative sex. Just to understand what methods are suitable for you, you need to discuss them and, perhaps, even arrange a search for sensitive areas — many people have problems here. No one was born a communication genius: at first, talking about sex will be embarrassing, embarrassing, and funny. But everything will work out!
If someone can’t have an orgasm with you after that, it still doesn’t mean that you’re a bad partner and a terrible man. Remember that there are people who, in principle, can not get an orgasm. Not with anyone. This is not a cross: there are many other pleasures in sex.

Separately, we note: an erection in men should also not occur at the click of your fingers, not to mention an orgasm. And getting it (especially if this is not the first time in a day) is difficult not only for women. If your partner doesn’t understand this, don’t hesitate to tell her. This will be better than being asked to do the impossible and disappointed.

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2. Your penis isn’t unique

We hope that you broke up with the complex “I have a small one” in your teens. If not, please let us know: most likely, your penis is normal and medium size. If your penis is very large, you would already know this for sure. But if it is objectively very small, then this also does not matter: once again, we emphasize that there are other activities in sex besides ordinary penetration.

It happens that you can hear an unflattering comment about yourself and worry for a long time. But believe me: if a woman sarcastically said something about size and even more so compared you to someone, then probably she just wanted to take revenge or prick you using a stereotype. After all, no one takes a ruler to bed with them. Much more than the size of the organs, the quality of intimate life is affected by the closeness between partners and your perception of each other.

3. Lube is not a shame

In our society, for some reason, it is considered perverse to drag everything to bed except your bodies. And sometimes this also applies to condoms-although this is banal for your safety.
Spare no expense, buy a normal lubricant and (most importantly) use it — after all, we are all adults here. Once you try it, you’ll find that it only improves sex. If you don’t specifically feel the difference, then at least a woman will appreciate that natural lubricant, even if there is a lot of it, does not save from the effects of friction on the skin. And pleasing each other is also a contribution to relationships and intimate life.

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4. There is no standard

Don’t be fooled by jokes and stereotypes that are broadcast in popular culture. If the heroine of the series is outraged that some man refused to do cunnilingus, this does not mean that your partner is eager to receive it on a daily basis. Well, if you yourself are “not rushing” from something stereotypical, and the partner offers it, it is very important not to hide your emotions. Not all men are required to love, for example, oral sex-even if a woman is willing to do it.
In the House of Weights and Measures, there is nothing related to sex, and adult films are also definitely not something to look up to. Because there is… no standard. If everything is done sincerely, then sex can not be “not so”. Atmosphere, speed, massage, compliments, spontaneity — all this may or may not be in any combination. As long as all participants are satisfied with the situation. Hence, by the way, another positive conclusion: judging your abilities by one partner is a waste of time.

5. Everyone gets tired during sex. Anything at all

Speaking of long-term sex. Just remember that we are all flesh and blood: it is absolutely normal to get tired after 20 minutes of sex, even if it is a simple missionary position, and not a gymnastic sketch. In its intensity, sex resembles a workout in the gym. And something tells us that in the gym you do not hesitate to relax.
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