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Selling More Efficiently: 5 Strategies for Managing Time in Sales

Using these five time management strategies in sales will allow you to save time and sell more, faster and more efficiently!

The old adage “Time is money” is most appropriate for the sales team.If a salesperson learns to manage their time properly, they will no longer feel like they are constantly running out of time.This includes the cold calls he makes, the website he promotes, or the presentations he composes.In addition, a lot of time is spent on clerical, timeless activities.

The result for many salespeople is that they feel overwhelmed with work and don’t have enough time to make all the sales they would like.In fact, the difference between great salespeople and good salespeople is that great salespeople know how to manage their time.Using every minute to the fullest, they are able to beat out routine tasks from the list and therefore spend a lot of time per day on actual sales.How do you learn to sell more without putting in long hours every day and become great salespeople?
Use time management strategies in sales!

The Five Most Effective Time Management Strategies in Sales


    Everyone has one or two things they never want to do.

    For some sellers, these may be cold calls.

    For others, it may be entering information into the CRM system.

    Many people hate checking and writing emails.

    The essence of the strategy is to start with these tasks and postpone less important ones.

    If you really want to become a master of time management in sales, you need to put your most frustrating tasks on top of the list of all tasks.

    This way, you’ll take the stress out of the rest of the day and make the remaining tasks much easier.


    Multitasking is a badge of honor for many sales professionals, but it tends to do more harm than good.When you switch between two tasks, you lose momentum and work more slowly on both tasks.If you are busy with something, finish it before you switch to another task.This will keep your momentum going further and allow you to finish everything faster than if you were trying to solve it all at once.
    This way you will save time and make more sales than usual.


    Today, many people install email on their phone, and incoming messages distract them ten times a day.
    To learn how to manage your time, use it by replying to messages only at scheduled times, instead of checking your email all day.You can schedule half an hour of time in the morning, afternoon, and time when you are away from work during the day.This will minimize distractions and allow you to fully engage in sales.Many salespeople are hesitant to do this because they are afraid of missing out on something important.What should I do if a large client sends an urgent message?There are several solutions to this problem.First, you can create an alert that notifies you when something really urgent arrives (from a specific customer, containing specific keywords, etc.).You can also use email minimization as an opportunity to offer your very best customers for a little added value, giving them access to a special “VIP address”. an email address that you check 24/7.Regardless of how you handle this, the key is to make sure that only the really important email messages get your immediate attention.


    When you do a certain task, you create a routine activity, but this is what allows you to save time and become a master in this direct task.It’s like building muscles – the more often you use them, the better and stronger they will be.To properly manage your time and make more sales, don’t just work on one case, but create one group of consecutive cases.For example, instead of just making scouting calls, immediately send a follow – up email, kill two birds with one stone.To master time management in sales and be more effective, create a group of tasks with a certain rhythm, making calls and leaving messages, provided that you do not break the rhythm.


    The best way to make sure that everything planned is done every day is by writing all the tasks in a notebook and checking them at the end of the day.

    Create separate priority task lists in three ways:

    • tasks to be completed on that day
    • tasks that should be completed in the next couple of days
    • tasks that you would like to complete if you have time

    Work on the most important tasks, and try to reach your third list.
    These lists will help you manage your sales time, so you’ll stay focused on what’s important while keeping your eyes on the future.


Being a great salesperson is a challenging task with a lot of things to take care of every day.By better managing your sales time with the tips above, you will be able to spend more time on the most valuable things in your business.You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and eventually be able to sell a lot more.

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