The First Date

Marathon before a date. Powerful influence of elementary factors of self-presentation at the moment of first contact.

The first date is always the most important moment in a relationship. It sets the bar for your future pastime. Everyone knows the saying “you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression“. It is the same in relationships, so it is logical that the girl is nervous, this is really a responsible step. There are various ways to deal with nervousness, but you can definitely say that taking care of hygiene before a date will make you feel more comfortable.

All the main aspects are difficult to discuss, but you can highlight a few important points when preparing for a date. These tips will not only help you prepare for the first date, but also increase your chances of succeeding.…

1. Underwear.
Of course, well-chosen underwear is an important part of the look. That doesn’t mean you’ll end up in bed right away on the first date. Just by wearing beautiful underwear, you will feel more confident. You will feel most comfortable in underwear made from natural fabrics. Such as silk and cotton, they are most pleasant to fit the skin. In addition, synthetic underwear not only causes discomfort, but also harms women’s “health”. Be sure to take a set, top and bottom, do not mix with other styles. Knowing that there is such beauty under your clothes will do wonders for your self-esteem.

2. Fresh breath.
Of course, it’s unpleasant to talk about it, but stale breath can spoil a man’s first impression of you. Especially when it comes to a kiss… Therefore, you should take care of this in advance. It is best to brush your teeth before going out or use a mouthwash. Now in stores, and not only in pharmacies, a large number of products for oral care. In addition, if you go to a cafe or restaurant , do not lean on dishes with a high content of onions or garlic.

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3. Clean hair.
It is best to have freshly washed, clean hair. Of course, you can not go on a date shaggy, but you should not overdo it with styling. An incredible amount of mousse and hairspray on the hair can push a man away. The best option would be to leave a natural hairstyle, putting it in flowing curls. This will be quite enough.

4. Take a shower.
Again, this does not mean that the first date will end in bed. Just after taking a shower, the skin becomes elastic and smells good. And if you have enough time, you can take a bath with salt or foam, this will calm down and get rid of unnecessary jitters. In addition, sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself!

5. Fragrance.
After all the procedures, wearing a good outfit, do not forget to complement the image with the most important-your favorite fragrance. Do not overdo it, it may push you away. It is best to add just a little on the wrists and behind the ears. These are the warm places on the body from which the fragrance emanates best. It is not necessary to rub the fragrance, it breaks the structure of the smell.

What can I recommend to a man who wants to please a girl? In fact, girls have fewer hygiene problems than men. Men generally care less about their appearance on a date. Therefore, it is worth focusing on this. Dear men: women just like you, pay attention to a bad haircut, unkempt face and unpleasant odors.

Therefore, we will also give some tips on hygiene for men:

1. Bad breath.
Yes, this is a sore subject not only for girls. Therefore, we will not focus on this.

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2. Wash your hair.
We’ve already talked about this, too. Let’s move on.

3. Slight unshaven hair.
This is the only option in which a man can afford not to shave before a date-if this unshaven is carefully thought out and the man is watching it. In other cases, it is strictly forbidden to come to a date unshaven. The touch of sandpaper on a girl’s delicate cheek is unlikely to inspire her. And even if the beard is part of your image, do not forget to constantly take care of it.

4. Other odors.
A man should also take a shower before the date. And it’s not about the elasticity of the skin. In men, due to physiology, the smell of sweat is stronger. In addition, many men have jobs related to technological production, construction and factories. Therefore, it is unlikely that a woman will be delighted with the smell of engine oil after a hug.

5. Nails.
For women, it is not difficult to follow the nails, for this there are thousands of beauty salons and sets for home manicure. Men do not have this opportunity, so they are not used to caring for their nails. But before the date, you should make sure that there is no dirt under the nails, your hands are washed.

6. Fragrance.
This rule is important not only for girls, but also for men. Some men’s fragrances really turn girls ‘ heads! But this, of course, is very individual. But you need to use some kind of fragrance, since girls have a fine sense of smell. And a good fragrance will convince her that you know how to take care of yourself.

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Do not forget that the most important thing on a date is to please, and even better, to make a splash or, at least, a positive impression. But don’t focus too much on one aspect; whether it’s hygiene or choosing a date spot. After all, understanding the beginning of a relationship will allow (or not allow) them to come true. It is very important to get to know a person better, be interested in them and make this evening unforgettable. And your gloss will allow you to take the next step to new acquaintances.


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