The phrase from the girl: “I don’t need anything from you!”

In today’s article, we will try to understand the girl’s phrase: “I don’t need anything from you!” Strange right? I didn’t even think that I would be asked to write an article on this topic. Well, no one has written about this yet, you have to take the rap for everyone. 🙂

So what does the girl’s phrase mean: “I don’t need anything from you!”? Actually, there is nothing difficult in defining this phrase, but there is a slight vulnerability in what your girlfriend told you. There is, so to speak, a catch in the phrase: “I don’t need anything from you”, we will reveal this catch with the help of two episodes of your life.

I don't need anything from you

I am ready to assume that you heard this phrase in one of the cases:

  • You had a big fight with your girlfriend and heard this phrase.
  • You asked your girlfriend what she wants, and in response you heard: “I don’t need anything!”
  • You are courting a girl, but you can’t win her love in any way.

There are times when you and your beloved begin to swear for a stupid or not stupid reason, I don’t know, because stories are different. So, the usual scandals of young people go almost the same way and end with the fact that everyone begins to list actions, attention towards a loved one, gifts that he gave, and most importantly, remember the amounts that were spent on these gifts.

In the end, if this situation suits you perfectly, then you will definitely hear this phrase: “I don’t need anything from you!”

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The fact is that girls are used to putting themselves in the place of the “attacking victim”, therefore it is not always clear what they mean. Under one phrase, they can have many definitions, but in this situation, your girlfriend in her head is moving away from you and has already sent you far away. …

When you hear the phrase: “I don’t need anything from you,” don’t rush to leave or throw yourself into a tantrum, try to settle the quarrel, because many girls can’t stand them and start looking for a new young man, not in all cases, of course, but very often, especially in youth age 14-20 years.

I don't need anything from you

Sorry I was wrong!

The ideal solution to the problem would be a bouquet of flowers and the word: “Sorry, I was wrong!” Girls love it when a guy admits his guilt. Even if they were wrong, step over your pride – you will be rewarded.

Second case. You want to make a surprise or a gift for some holiday, celebration, but you decided to ask your beloved what she wants to receive, in response you heard: “I don’t need anything from you!”, In which there is nothing strange and incomprehensible. This is the usual response of a loving person.

Your girlfriend considers you the best gift and spending time together is the perfect gift for her. If you can’t choose a gift for her, you just need to remember what she gets excited about and don’t be stingy. That’s all.

Third case. You have been trying to win over one girl for a long time, for this you are trying to somehow attract her attention, give various little things, help in difficult situations, but at the same time you always hear the same thing: “Back off, leave me alone, I don’t have anything from you necessary!!!”

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With such a plot, I would like to wish the guys stamina, courage and endless love for this girl. Impossible does not happen, you will definitely succeed in winning it, do not be afraid of anything – this is true love!

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