Tips for a first date

Tips for a first date

This rulesare universal for those who are meeting for the first time in their life and for already experienced people, well-known and relevant recommendations for a variety of dates, for express dates at Speed-datig-evening.


To a large extent, envy depends on your image, the impression that you intend to highlight in the first place, as well as on the setting and atmosphere – the meeting place… but everyone knows two truths: “They meet you by your clothes” and “No place makes a person beautiful”. Clothing is an area where there may be many exceptions and it will be easier to list what is strongly discouraged in most cases.

Basic advice.
The person you meet cannot know what is “formal” and what is “everyday” from your wardrobe, because for someone a three-piece suit is a casual uniform, and jeans are a freedom of style and an opportunity for self-expression. Clothing is the easiest and most effective way to create an image of yourself… The main thing that you need to try to achieve is the feeling that you did not prepare for the meeting 15 minutes before entering the restaurant, but thought about and made an effort in your preparations for the meeting, as for an event in advance “from last night” or” this morning ” … Think about what it could be, how to express it. You know better, because the advice is general in nature, and you need to highlight a few specific details for a specific situation. Here are some examples that can demonstrate the approach to implementing the task.

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If you are familiar in absentia and the person knows that you are, for example, a serviceman:
do not come on a date in a uniform (even if it suits you and you are a real general with orders, medals, a sword, spurs and a white horse), because your uniform is this robe, this is what is everyday… Accordingly, it is necessary to go from the opposite – the girl knows that the meeting will take place with an officer… and when you come in stylish jeans on the evening of a working day, it will be clear and pleasant for her to appreciate your ingenuity and aspirations to reincarnate specially, her imagination will tell her that you did not forget to bring clothes especially for a date with her in the morning.

And vice versa – You are a journalist, representatives of this profession most often wear leather jackets and jeans…. It will be very nice to see a cavalier in a solid suit on a date… Tie or bow tie, jacket style-it’s up to you to decide.

These two examples present unexpected solutions for men, as men, alas, tend to underestimate clothing for dating. But this rule applies equally to women.

Here is a classic ladies ‘ mistake. In winter women wear warm shoes and you can often see women at parties in a dress against the background of winter boots… Women’s shoes will not take up much space in a roomy lady’s purse (where there are usually a lot of items, some of which should be replaced with a pair of sandals).

It is not recommended in dating clothes – beach clothes and sports shoes.

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Behavior and mood
A friendly mood is the best thing that can happen on a date. A languid image and stories about a difficult youth and problems at work are the most undesirable notes in communication. Ladies should not create a languid image, and guys far-fetched brutal solidity. On the other hand, portraying a clown or veselushka is also superfluous. The mood should be restrained, but not neutral, you should try to create a warm, emotionally-tinged mood of benevolence and positivity. Humor is different, so it is more appropriate at the end of dating and better so-called English humor, based on logic, and not on shocking, pantomime or parody.

The recommended duration of the first meeting is from 30 minutes to an hour. But the universe knows many options for successful relationships from the first moment and for life.

The task of dating, first of all, should determine the presence of mutual interest in each other, and this is possible with a dialogue – that is, you need to tell about yourself and listen to the interlocutor. Of course, in this place you can remember a lot from psychology about female or male dominants, about different temperaments and so on, BUT the first acquaintance still involves a dialogue of equals.

Two more recommendations for successful dating – simple and complex (here’s someone-how)
Simple, but works flawlessly-SMILE… Note: do not giggle about and without, namely smile… also, without fanaticism. Best of all at the meeting and closer to its completion.

The second task is more complex. Try to make sure that when dating you – you can be highlighted by something that the “competitors”will not have. It can be something in the clothes, an original pseudonym on the badge (well, if you have a rare and memorable name – here, as they say, “it’s in the hat”), it can be a really interesting mini-story…. Telling a funny story – don’t call it a joke (even if it’s a joke, try to give it the status of a novella), it can be an interesting detail of your biography, it can be a mini-gift – for example: a sparkler, a balloon or a lottery ticket… Flowers are very good, but it’s not original.

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