Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

Scientifically speaking, impotence is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. This does not mean that the patient’s ability to orgasm or ejaculate is lacking.

Many men report the development of erectile dysfunction with the following characteristics:

  • An erection does not occur naturally, but requires conscious effort;
  • Even during sexual arousal, the penis remains sluggish or its hardness is significantly reduced.;
  • The erection weakens or disappears altogether in some sexual positions.
  • Previously infrequent “failures” have become regular, and a high-quality erection does not occur for several months.

Each of these symptoms occurs most often in men after the age of 40, and by the age of 60, erectile dysfunction affects up to 70% of the stronger sex. Despite the sad statistics, such manifestations are ignored and treatment to the doctor occurs only in the most extreme cases. Meanwhile, a high-quality, early diagnosis allows you to find out the real source of the weakening of male strength and take appropriate measures to improve it.


  • vascular disorders (70%);
  • taking certain medications (10%);
  • depressed emotional state, depression (5%);
  • endocrine diseases (4%);
  • penile injuries (1%);
  • chronic liver and kidney diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • high blood cholesterol levels;
  • having bad habits
  • “nervous” professions (athlete, businessman, etc.);
  • excessive psychological and physical stress.

However, the doctor can reliably determine the cause of impotence after a number of necessary studies. Depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction, the following procedures are performed::

  • clinical laboratory tests,
  • biotesiometry;
  • Doppler imaging;
  • vasoactive test;
  • General condition of the patient (nervousness, increased irritability, tendency to depression).
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