Types Of Men’s Running Shoes

Types Of Men’s Running Shoes

It would seem that two completely different elements of clothing have in common – a classic suit and sneakers. Basically, nothing. The only unifying point is the fact that it is mandatory to be present in the basic wardrobe of a man, regardless of age, field of activity and everyday style.
A suit can hang in the closet for years without doing anything, but sooner or later it will definitely come in handy. Running shoes are usually used much more often. Even if good shoes are a dress code for every day, but weekends, walks and sports activities have not been canceled.

Today, manufacturers of high-quality men’s running shoes offer a wide range of products for a specific sport, clothing style and time of year. It’s no secret that every day a person’s legs, especially the feet, carry a huge load, which directly affects the degree of fatigue and health in general.
Therefore, it is very important to approach the choice of men’s sneakers correctly. To do this, you need to clearly understand the main purpose of the purchase, the nature of further use and distinguish between the types of men’s sneakers that exist in the modern world.



Low (Low top )

Men’s low-top sneakers are very neat and are characterized by the fact that they do not cover the ankle completely. The ideal option for today’s popular style is casual. They are suitable for the most diverse types of informal clothing, in particular, they look in harmony with both a blazer and summer shorts. Perfectly emphasize the figure, look elegant and fashionable.

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Low top Men's Running Shoes

High (High top)

The main difference between men’s running shoes of this type is the full coverage of the ankle. Basically, shoes are designed exclusively for sports, in particular, playing basketball. For a standard wardrobe, choosing high-top sneakers is quite problematic. If you still decide, we advise you to pay attention to the Converse brand, which offers a fairly wide range of models.

Men's high top Running shoes

Sliding values (Slip)

The most practical and comfortable type of men’s shoes for everyday use. Slip-on sneakers usually do not contain lacing or fasteners, they are very light and comfortable. They are suitable for energetic people who experience a constant lack of time and lead an active lifestyle. Often used as a change of shoes or for walking and going to the store for shopping.

Slip Men's Running Shoes

These were the main types of men’s running shoes, depending on the design. There is also the so-called medium type, that is, something hybrid between a low and high version of sneakers.



In the classic form, universal and high-quality sneakers are made of natural or synthetic leather. Moreover, synthetics in this type of men’s shoes are practically as reliable and durable as natural materials, and often even surpass them. The skin breathes well and retains its shape, is comfortable to use and gives an elegant look. Leather sneakers are especially useful for sports training with an increased load on the feet, for example, running.

Men's Leather Running Shoes


Less prestigious, but also widely used versions of textile sneakers have lightness, an effective air conditioning system and look good on the foot. In terms of quality and practicality, they are inferior to leather, but in the case of a simultaneous combination of two types of material, they perfectly complement each other. A significant disadvantage of textiles is their dependence on weather conditions. In the rain, not only your sneakers can get wet, but also your feet.

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Men's Textile Running shoes


It is recommended to purchase men’s running shoes for sports exclusively in specialized stores, where the level of qualification of the staff and a wide range will allow you to choose really high-quality and suitable shoes. Usually, for each sport, manufacturers use a different material, design, adjust the weight and improve other elements of sneakers.

Let’s highlight the main types of sports men’s sneakers by category

Sports Men's Running shoes

Universal ones. Running shoes for amateur running, walking, hiking, aerobics classes and performing health-improving physical exercises.

Athletics. Specific running shoes for professional runners.

Individual sports. Running shoes for specific sports events, such as golf, cycling, or skateboarding.

Active recreation. Sneakers for hunting, fishing and hiking trips.

Sports grounds. The category includes two groups::

  • Running shoes for playing basketball, volleyball and tennis. They are made taking into account the frequent and sharp movements of athletes ‘ legs.
  • Running shoes for playing football, baseball and rugby. A special sole with spikes is provided.

Buy high-quality and comfortable sneakers that best suit your style and lifestyle. Take care of your health and exercise with pleasure. A man must take care of himself and be able to dress correctly. Use different shoes. Even professional athletes don’t wear running shoes every day.


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