Why is my wife not paying attention to me?

It’s no secret that too often on the way you can meet serious women who behave like men, especially when it comes to business women. Such women are destined to be constantly in suspense if they are doing some kind of serious business.

Of course, such a case may not be yours, but it is worth thinking about the fact that women are also individuals who want to develop, even if not every second, every tenth for sure.

wife does not pay attention


Of course, girls aged 14 to 20-22 are not too concerned with external factors and therefore behave differently with you if after the wedding, in the absence of romance, concessions or actions that promise female stereotypes.

Attention in such years, they usually provide the beloved in full and in such quantities in which not only you wish, but also for their pleasure, besides, no one has yet canceled the candy-bouquet period, and there is only one reason – concern for something significant that may affect the status, education or position is missing.

Why is my wife not paying attention to me?

During the years of living together, a woman gets tired faster, because she wants to succeed in everything (career, child, if any, …) and she succeeds, because she returns home “dried”, so all desire to show her love to you disappears. I think that you should not pay much attention to this and come to grief, she still loves you, because in women’s eyes passion can be observed even without emotions. You just need to understand that she is trying for the sake of the family, for the sake of the future with you.

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Above, we considered just one reason that your wife behaved differently before the wedding, and now she pays little attention to you, but this is far from the only excuse for wives, because eighty out of a hundred cases there are sad moments, consider them.

boy and girl


We continue to answer the question: “Why does my wife not pay attention to me?” The fact is that women, however, like men, are different and someone is not at all interested in the opinions of others and does not care about their family, beloved husband, etc. I call these girls in one word “Gulyon”.

This type of woman, as a rule, awakens in many male perverts – admiration, like in women who are ready to get another “walking wallet” every Friday. They pose as super-duper club models and are important in large societies, often they don’t give a damn about the opinion of their husband, in response they can only shout and underestimate the man with one phrase: “If you don’t like it, file for divorce, I’ll rip you off like sticky!” .

For such people, marriage is an empty phrase filled with a coin, yes, even such women are used to commanding, and depriving their husbands of something for the disobedience of their husbands. If you now understand that this story is about you, run, run away from such a wife before it’s too late!

You won’t achieve anything positive, you’ll only spoil your nerves, and you won’t wait for children, because you will constantly hear one phrase: “It’s early, you have to get on your feet, you’ll get up, you will have children!”, And you shouldn’t have them if the attitude towards you does not change, because it is better to raise a child in an atmosphere of love, and not ***. I really hope that you don’t have them yet, and you noticed the problem with showing your wife’s attention before she grew into something hellish and legally chained (everything is divided in half in a divorce).

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The third reason why your wife does not pay more attention to you will also become not very sweet for you. Attention! This is treason. I wrote an article about this, you can read it by clicking on the link. This is very easy to understand and notice, you just need to compare a few facts, draw conclusions and talk with your wife, if your marriage is important to you.

relationship in marriage


For example, take one week when she did the same activities as this week and compare them. If your wife, doing some work, as she says, gets tired more or vice versa, she walks very cheerful and constantly preens and dresses up, most likely she has some kind of man on the side (it would be even worse if this is her superiors).

The above is that, spending time in the company of another man, they could have an intimate relationship, and if a woman has it between 15.00 and 20.00, his activity increases dramatically, however, like his mood, which means she will return home contented and cheerful, perhaps spitting on all household chores, she will lie down to watch TV or sit down at the computer.

To draw conclusions, it is enough when she is on a social network to go up to her wife and pay attention to the computer, if she abruptly closed something or turned off the computer, there is a betrayal.

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