Winning tactics by betting on quarters in basketball

Winning tactics by betting on quarters in basketball

Not sure about the winners of the basketball game? So bet against the favorite in a separate quarter! There is a whole betting strategy for this.
Betting on quarters in basketball is a real outlet for those sports betting players who love basketball, but are afraid to bet on the outcome of the entire match. Is it possible to win on basketball bets regardless of the final results of

Betting on basketball

Basketball is one of the five most popular sports among players. It’s fast enough. Basketball features allow you to bet on a head start in a wide range of points, bet on team and total totals, and in major matches — on individual player statistics.

A significant advantage of betting in basketball is the number of game segments. There are only two of them in football — 45-minute halves. In basketball, four quarters of 10 (Europe) or 12 minutes (USA, Asia) are played. And all of the above betting options can be made not only for the main time, but also for every half of the meeting, even for every quarter.
Before the start of the game, you can bet on the odds or the total of the first quarter, the first half, the whole game. In live, towards the end of each game quarter, the player can bet on the next quarter. So during the game you will test yourself in predicting four mini-matches instead of one.

Players make similar bets using a special strategy of betting on basketball by quarters. Let’s consider the components of this strategy.

The essence of the strategy of betting on basketball by quarters
The strategy
is based on a simple assumption: a team, even a hopeless outsider, can win at least one quarter from the favorite. Based on this idea, it makes sense to “catch” the most potentially winning quarter for this team.
That is, the strategy of betting on basketball by quarters is based on catch-up. You are catching up with the result of the quarter you need in live basketball.

This strategy has the following advantages:

it is extremely rare for an outsider to lose all 4 quarters even with a clear preponderance of forces in favor of the opponent,
after winning in the first and second quarters, the favorite tends to “loosen his grip”, sometimes even give rest to the best players, and a motivated outsider chews out the victory in the quarter.
bookmakers do not always correctly assess the level of rivals, set odds, and this can be used in betting strategy.

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Since it is initially impossible to assume which quarter will be victorious, use the catch-up method when distributing the game pot for the match.
Bet on the underdog winning in the first quarter. If the bet has not gone in, then increase the bet on winning in the second quarter by two and a half times. Calculate the amount of each next bet according to the formula: (current loss + target profit) / (coefficient – 1).
If your team takes at least one quarter, then you will get back what you spent and get a profit in the amount of the first bet. If your team loses all four quarters, continue in another match.
Supporters of the basketball betting strategy talk about the need for match selection and strict compliance with money management. When choosing matches for strategy, they advise you to pay attention to teams underestimated by bookmakers, approximately equal in level to rivals, insider information, such as the absence of leaders on the floor in the upcoming match, the presence of injuries to leading players, etc.

You also need to keep track of the odds that bookmakers offer for teams and the first quarter before the match, and the odds for quarters during the match. If you choose a coefficient below 1.80 at a distance, even a large number of guessed and “caught” quarters will not give a profit to the player. In most BC, the bet for a quarter is paired, and often the coefficients for both choices are approximately equal. Therefore, players are looking for the most attractive offices from the point of view of the coefficient.
Also, the bookmaker gives you a head start on a quarter. In the strategy, you can use odds bets instead of a clean outcome. In this case, choose the size of the handicap for which an acceptable coefficient is given.

How to bet according to the basketball betting strategy by quarters
Let’s consider an example of one match for betting on basketball strategy by quarters. Let it be Chicago-Denver. For the first quarter, a handicap of -1.5 / +1.5 points is given for a coefficient of 1.80.
You want to bet on the strategy and puts 100 money  on “Denver“. Chicago wins the first quarter with a score of 32:28. The handicap does not pass.
For the second quarter, the bookmaker gives the same head start with the same coefficient. Bet on “Denver” again, calculating the amount of the bet according to the formula: (100 + 100) / (1.80 — 1) = 250 money. The second quarter ends with a score of 25:23 — you have lost again.

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Cursing, you take 562.5 money  out of your pocket and charge a handicap (+2.5) on Denver in the third quarter for 1.80. Your perseverance is rewarded, in the quarter a draw is 30:30. The bet finally won!
Let’s calculate what this match has brought you. You spent 350 money because of the loss in the first and second quarters, but won 562.5 x 1.80 = 1012.5 money. We take away the loss and the amount of the bet. Your profit was 100 money. Not much. But you didn’t risk too much either. There is no time to rest on our laurels, we need to forget this match and look for the next one.
Some players modernize the basic ideas of the strategy by adding new features to it. You can not flirt with the first quarter in the selected match, but wait for the loss of the outsider and the appearance of the line for the second quarter to start with it. However, this does not bring mathematical benefits.

How to choose matches for the basketball betting strategy by quarters
International leagues are popular with fans of this strategy, in which unpredictable results often happen. And the NBA, where the level of competition and confrontation in every match is high. Such national championships as the championships of the Philippines, Italy, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic are also suitable. Some players make up the top championships every season, in which outsider wins in quarters are more common.

The main recommendations for the selection of matches are as follows:
see the statistics: none of the rival teams should lose all quarters in a row in unsuccessful matches of the season,
study personal meetings: the quarters won by each of the teams in face-to-face confrontations must be present,
analyze totals: outsider teams are welcome, which become more active in the second half of matches.

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If your bet on an outsider played in the first quarter, you can safely move on to the next match. The bookmaker will no longer give a suitable head start on the outsider, and the record favorite will try to get back into the game so as not to miss the advantage in the match.

Is it profitable to bet on basketball according to the strategy of betting on quarters
The effectiveness of this strategy depends on you, or rather on the choice of games. A competent selection of matches for the strategy can bring over 60% of the bets won, and without it the indicator will be at the level of 20%.
A couple of lost matches for an ordinary player with flat bets will cause slight irritation, and for a player with a basketball betting strategy by quarters, this is from eight to twelve lost stacks (by the number of quarters). Even with a careful distribution of the pot, it will take a long time to simply win back the resulting minus.
The main advantage of this strategy is a large number of matches for selection. The basketball season lasts 6-8 months, and any office offers a wide selection of national championships and international tournaments.

There are enough disadvantages:
we need to select matches, but the selection criteria are subjective and unstable: for example, what worked last season may not work in the new one,
catch-up is an aggressive form of bank allocation: several negative matches in a row will increase the amount of the next bet so much that you will have to accept the loss,
you need to catch matches in real time, monitor the coefficients and their changes,the limits of bookmakers on the size of bets on quarters in basketball matches are not the highest, and this limits the catch-up.

Try to use the strategy of betting on basketball by quarters — and keep a game diary. At first, you can not bet real money, just fix the outcomes that you would bet on. After a while, you will understand whether you choose matches and bets well enough.

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